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Let's hit an egg and Happy Easter

Let's hit an egg and Happy Easter

First of all, dear Chefs, I wish you to have some loving holidays and tasty dishes (not too many, as it spoils your health)

And here I have some eggs that I want to collide with, even if virtually.

How I made them: I used white eggs, washed them with water and detergent, then boiled them hard. I put the colors in the water, as it was written in the directions. I pasted different shapes on each white egg (you can cut them out of the sticker). Then put them in the desired color, leaving them for half an hour. Take them out and let them dry. When they are dry, remove the sticker.

If you want to make them in two colors, the first color should be paler (yellow, pink, blue). After removing the first row of stickers, put other shapes on the egg, overlapping them a little over the white side. Put eggs in another color and leave for half an hour. After you take out the eggs and dry them, take out the second row of stickers.

Make sure that when you stick the sticker, you press the edges well, so that the color does not enter underneath (as happened to me). Finally grease each egg with a little oil (using a piece of cloth)

As an ornament for the Easter table I also made some candles from eggshells. I kept the shells from eggs used for cakes. I washed them well with water and detergent, then I painted them pink and blue with the same egg paint. The supports are cut from egg formwork, which I painted with food coloring (maybe with tempera)

Easter recipes

Easter recipes Easter recipes

There are many Easter recipes and I know it's hard for you to choose what you're going to prepare for this holy holiday, so I thought I'd come to your aid with a selection of special recipes for you. I will not list dozens of recipes, because to be honest we will not eat with 10 mouths and it is a shame to waste food (our everyday bread) and I would be happy if you would agree with me).

There is no Easter meal without bread, red eggs, lamb steak and Easter, but not everyone likes meat or lamb, so I will present you with other Easter recipes that in my opinion are ideal for a large family meal in -so great a holiday.

I kept it in the oven

Protap sheep

Cheese pie

These are the traditional Easter recipes that should not be missing from the table of any Romanian. Sarmale, fish, cheese pie, cake, red eggs, easter, lamb, these are the goodies I have been passionate about for almost 7 weeks :).

For me, the Easter meal does not only mean food, it means a meal with my family, with my loved ones, a meal that I respect. Maybe some of us prefer to spend Easter at boarding houses, hotels, the pool or the sea, but I prefer to go to church, to the village where I was born, to go with the family to sing the prohod, and after the night of resurrection let us all go home to have a red egg and a glass of wine.

I hope you like the selection of recipes, I will prepare another selection for those who do not get along with lamb.

Happy Easter 2017

No matter how many article ideas I have, I can't pretend it's not Easter and write about something else. So, dearly, this article will be dedicated to the most important Orthodox holiday. Why the most important? For "everyone was born to be born, but to be resurrected, only Christ was resurrected." (Really resurrected!)

Easter fasting and cleaning

As all housewives (hopefully "housewives") do the so-called Easter cleaning in houses and yards - perhaps the most detailed intervention, including curtains, carpets, etc. - thus Christians have in mind the inner cleanliness. What the prophets call the "temple of the soul" is cleansed by the fast that lasts no less than 7 weeks. All I can say is: thank God that the term "vegan" was invented, so that I don't have to explain at the restaurant what restrictions I have - plus I feel Christian and trendy at the same time (super!). Other religions choose different fasts, for example Catholics give up something they like (sweets, alcohol or a custom like that out in town), and the money they would spend on that thing they give to the poor. I find the habit beautiful. The reason why we give up food from animals, is that it 'ground' us and giving up its low vibrations, we can be closer to divinity, we become more spiritual, which is why in other faiths are consumed mainly the fruits of the earth . The strictest even prepare fasting food in different containers than those in which they prepare ‘sweet’ food. Of course, we can debate until next Easter (or the horses) on this topic… But, if we still take care of our body, we also take care of our soul, trying to be better, more understanding, reflecting on what we have done wrong, we confess and share in the Holy Spirit. It seems very beautiful and reassuring to me that, for those who believe, we have these habits (instruments, rituals) that are at hand to be closer to the divinity.

Religious significance and customs

Holy Week or Passion is full of historical and religious importance. Every night, in the Churches, the services of denial take place, which bear witness to what happened 2000 years ago during Holy Week.

Holy Thursday: the washing of the apostles' feet by Christ, the Lord's Supper at which the Sacrament of Communion (Eucharist) was instituted, the prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane and the capture of Jesus by those who wanted to kill Him.

Good Friday: the crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross. Crucifixion was the worst form of torture at the time. It is said that at the time of his death, Jesus said, "Forgive him, Lord, for I do not know what I am doing," and the stones cracked, the tombs opened, and the iconostasis of the temple split in two. People then realized that indeed "this was the Son of Man." In the evening we go to Prohod (the most beautiful service of the year, in my opinion) and go around the churches 3 times, symbolizing the feast of Jesus in the tomb.

Holy Saturday: the lamb is ritually sacrificed, and the lamb, steak and lamb borscht are prepared. The Lamb symbolizes the Son of God who sacrificed himself to wash away the sins of men.

Resurrection Sunday: On the third day of the Scriptures, the women carrying myrrh found the Savior's tomb empty. Thus, Jesus rose, "with death on his feet," and Christians go to church at midnight to receive the Light. The Easter candle was often lit in case of need or trouble, and its light is considered beneficent.

Traditions, superstitions and other customs

Holy Thursday: in some areas fires are lit in the yard to warm the dead.

Easter service: each participant in the service wears the best clothes and also a new item of clothing, sewn in the secret of the night especially for the most important Christian holiday.

Easter eggs: they are painted on Holy Thursday, traditionally in red, which symbolizes the blood of Jesus who stained the basket of eggs placed by Mary under the cross. Moreover, they signify eternal life, fertility, rebirth and luck. In antiquity, those painted in different colors and offered on the occasion of the coming of spring, thus represented the return of nature to life, followed by the specific chromatic explosion. At the table, the oldest man collides head-on. Only the next day is it said that it would have allowed us to collide upside down and then back to back. On Easter morning, my grandmother put a red egg in a glass of water, so that we could wash our faces and do well all year round.

  • On Easter it is not good to sleep because the rest of the year you will be sleepy and unlucky.
  • On Easter it is not good to eat salted egg because you will sweat all year round
  • At Easter, it is good to eat an egg first because it brings health to the body. Then you need to eat poultry and fish to be agile and light all year round
  • If you keep a red egg for 40 days after Easter and it doesn't spoil, you will be lucky all year round
  • It is said that at Easter the heavens open, and the souls of the dead return home to protect their relatives. There is also the belief that those who die on Easter Sunday are "exempt" from the Last Judgment, and their souls go directly to Heaven.
  • Children born at Easter are blessed and will have a bright and lucky life.
  • It is said that those who collide Easter eggs will meet in the other world

Why is Easter beautiful?

I will assume that we all like Easter for the same reasons J, in the hope that you will identify with at least a few. It reminds me of my childhood, when we all gathered around the Easter table and enjoyed delicious dishes (whether we were delicious or not, they were something wonderful after the long period of fasting at the same time, also between us , it was inevitable that I would not get sick, for the same reason, ie the long period of fasting…).

Easter coincides with the revival of nature, we have more sun, heat, flowers, chirping and humming, which give us a better physical and mental state. And let's not overlook the little worldly pleasures, such as the days off around Easter, the gifts from the bunny, the sweets in abundance, the painting of the eggs, the state until late when you are little…

Traditions in general bring us back to the ‘origins’, either physically, that we return to our parents' homes or birthplaces, or spiritually, helping us to reconnect with ourselves, who we are and what we represent. I have always felt that the holidays are timeless, that the barriers between ages dissolve, that we become children again, that we live moments from the past, present and future, that life takes on a different meaning and that we realize again that love, family, kindness, dedication and sharing (sharing) are the most important values ​​for our fulfillment as human beings.

Have an enlightened Easter with much joy in your soul, with your loved ones!

Easter eggs

Easter eggs, according to tradition, were collected from the nest on the Wednesday of the fourth week of Lent, also called & bdquomiercurea Paresimilor & quot. There is a custom that from the end of the century until this day, housewives do not collect eggs. It was believed that the eggs chosen on this day did not spoil until Easter. Now they were choosing eggs for Easter food and eggs that were to be reddened.

Even though they were gathered on this day, their painting took place on the Thursday before Easter, but never on Good Friday.

The painted egg is the symbol of the Savior, who leaves the tomb and returns to life, like the chicken out of the cage.

Red eggs are called cranberries in Bucovina, and those with ornaments are called decorated, imprisoned or scattered.

The ornamentation of decorative eggs is extremely varied, it includes geometric, vegetable, animal, anthropomorphic and religious symbols. Here are some symbols and meanings used:
- vertical straight line = life
- horizontal straight line = death
- double straight line = eternity
- the line with rectangles = thinking and knowing
- slightly wavy line = water, purification
- spiral = time, eternity
- double spiral = the connection between life and death.

Folklore preserves several Christian legends that explain why Easter eggs turn red. One of them relates that the Mother of God, who had come to mourn her crucified son, placed the basket of eggs near the cross and they blushed from the blood dripping from the wounds of Christ.

The clash of eggs is done according to precise rules: the older person (usually the male) collides the head of the egg with the head of the egg held in the partner's hand, while saying the well-known formula "Christ is risen", to which is answered "True is risen".

In Bucovina, the shells of Easter eggs are thrown into the river, so that the water can carry them to "quotes" (imaginary beings, incarnations of unbaptized dead children, whose place of residence is at the "end of the world", near Sambeta Water). In this way, the Gentiles also know that Easter has come for all Christians.

Among the peasants, there is also the custom that, on the morning of Easter Sunday, they wash their face with fresh water or fresh water, in which they lay a red egg, believing that this way they will be as beautiful and healthy as a red egg all year round. After eating the eggs, the red shells are kept to be plowed, plowing, believing that the soil will bear good fruit.

Easter Messages With Pictures - Images With Easter Pictures 2021

Easter is a special holiday and one of the most important, because on this date is mentioned the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus. This week, various religious holidays are organized and begin with Palm Sunday, where Jesus' entry into Jerusalem is commemorated. On the occasion of this holiday, we want to offer you images with Easter messages that you can offer to your loved ones either on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbrl, Twitter or on Whatsapp.

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