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Horn jam jams

Horn jam jams

Mix the yeast with a teaspoon of sugar. Put a cup of water and a little flour and add it.

Heat the milk, melt the margarine and mix with the sugar, lemon peel and vanilla essence until the sugar melts. Then add flour and mayonnaise, and knead well, then leave to rise in a warm place.

When it has grown, it is divided into 8 parts, spread in a circle and divided into another 4. This is how we will have 32 horns. Fill each triangle with a teaspoon of plum jam, roll, grease with egg yolk and sprinkle with a little poppy seeds. Place in a tray lined with baking paper and put in the hot oven for 25 minutes, until they take on color.

Oats help with weight loss. Oats with honey for weight loss. Oatmeal diet

All this has a beneficial effect on the beauty of both the face and the face.

Does Oatmeal Diet Get Real Weight Loss Results?

What cereals to choose for food All the richness of protein, vitamins and trace elements of oats in the human stomach is impossible to transmit. Some of them will definitely collapse during cooking. In addition, cleaning, steaming and flattening oat grains in cereal production has a negative impact on nutrition.

If you want to get the most out of your oats. Disadvantage: you have to cook for an hour.

Pretty long and you have to eat it with crushed cereal. Saving time makes us choose flakes. In fact, that's not bad either. The main thing is to choose the right ones. Since Soviet times, oatmeal has been divided into categories according to the fineness of grinding: Large, coarse, known as "Hercules".

Cooking time is minutes, and recipes usually suggest pouring cereals directly into cold milk water. But the composition of the flakes is closest to the whole grains.

Petal flakes. Boil for about 10 minutes. The thinnest flakes, which are enough to boil no more than five minutes.

"Hercules" is best suited for dietary food.

EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS guide - 2200 calorie eating plan - part 5

Of course, thin flakes also retain many valuable properties of oats. But their body absorbs carbohydrates faster, due to the fact that the feeling of hunger returns quite quickly.

Trying to lose weight is a problem. Strictly, you should avoid "instant" porridge. These flakes went through too many stages of processing and there was not much left of authentic oatmeal in them. Not only that: producers often add sugar, flavors and fruit substitutes to cereals.

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It seems that the low-value meal, saturated with carbohydrates. Whole grain cereals The most useful oatmeal.

Can consuming oatmeal help you lose weight?

Recipe for two or three servings. Necessary products: oatmeal - 1 ml faceted bottle without "slides" drinking water - 0, 5 l salt to taste Prepare as follows: Take the cereals and rinse them in a sieve with cold water. Pour the cereal from the base of the tray. For cooking it is better to choose dishes with a thick bottom - so that the porridge does not burn.

Pour water. Put on medium heat. Do not cover the tray until the water boils. Stir regularly. After boiling, spin. Minimize heat.

We need your approval!

Cover the tray with a lid. Boil for an hour, occasionally removing the foam from the surface. During this time, the rump will swell and absorb all the water. Towards the end of cooking, make sure that the porridge does not start to burn! In this case, stop a little earlier. Let the porridge sit under the lid for about ten minutes. Usually, before serving, the porridge is flavored with butter.

For the diet option, you can use tablespoons of vegetables: sunflower or olives. You can also change the taste with a teaspoon of honey, pieces of fresh or dried fruit. But keep in mind that very sweet fruits for example, bananas will increase the calorie content.

And one more piece of advice. Before cooking, whole grain fats should be soaked for a few hours or even overnight. For this, the washed grains are poured with drinking water in the evening.

In the morning, cook and boil, slightly reducing the volume of liquid for boiling. Due to the dripping, the porridge will be ready faster than a year and a half to twice. Cereal porridge on water The simplest, "classic" recipe for oatmeal water. Enough to feed two or three people. Pour the flakes lightly, while stirring the contents of the pan.

Season with salt. Recirculate and reduce gas. Boil for minutes, then remove the foam. Remove the dishes from the heat, cover with a lid. Let the porridge sit for five minutes. Spice up such porridge can be the same as in the previous recipe. Oatmeal with dried fruit.

  1. Weight loss changes
  2. Fortunately, there are many more advantages than disadvantages, so if you don't mind and there are no contraindications, you can continue!
  3. Bottom line Overview Oatmeal is made from dried oats.
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Based on these two recipes you can cook porridge with various useful additives. For example, with raisins, pears and dried peaches, dried apricots or prunes.

Does oatmeal age you or help you lose weight?

Pairs of hands will suffice. Rinse the dried fruit well, pour in hot water and leave under the lid for about half an hour.

Drain, dry on a napkin. Dried large fruits cut into pieces the size - as you want to leave the raisins, as it is. Add to the finished porridge. Raisins, peaches and dried pears will make the oatmeal taste sweeter.

Helped by oatmeal for weight loss

But apricots and prunes give a slight flavor, so with them you should put a tablespoon of honey in the porridge. Uncooked oatmeal An interesting "quick" recipe. Not to be confused with the "minutes" of porridge in store packages! The dose is designed for one consumer.

You also need fresh boiled water. Step-by-step preparation: Take a plate from which you will eat porridge. Gently pour the pots with boiling water from the kettle to heat it.

Put the oatmeal with flax and cinnamon. Fill with boiling water so that the water completely covers the contents of the plate. Stir gently. Close the lid and towel on top.

Leave for five until the oats help in weight loss minutes. Discover porridge. Add honey and yogurt, mix.

Oats with honey for weight loss. Oatmeal diet

Sprinkle with berries on top. Porridge is ready! The oats in this dish may seem harsh. Therefore, it is not recommended for young children. But judging by the reviews, this porridge is perfect for a diet breakfast. In this case, usually add fruits, nuts, berries.

Here, for example, an option with apples. For example, a glass bowl or a food container. How to prepare: Pour the cereal into dishes, add cinnamon and honey.

Fill with water, mix. Cover with a lid. Wash the apples, peel and remove the kernels.

Cut into small cubes. Add in the porridge, mix again. Cover the dishes with a lid. After the porridge has cooled, put it in the fridge overnight. A delicious breakfast will be prepared in the morning. Similarly, you can cook oatmeal with other fruits. For example, very tasty and beautiful is oatmeal with peeled orange slices. The fruits complement the nuts well.

If your diet An interesting option is to pour flakes with cold kefir or low-fat or yogurt. Remove this porridge with oats helps to lose weight spoon of jam or jam.

Oatmeal and Oatmeal Smoothies Helps Weight Loss Kiwi Eating oatmeal can be beneficial not only in the form of cereals. So a wonderful breakfast can be a smoothie with cereals and fruits. Below is a recipe for two people.

You will also need a glass of ice. We do this: Grind the ice in a blender to a state of medium-sized fragments. Spread two glasses on the bottom. With kiwi, remove the skin, cut each fruit in half. Put kiwi, bananas, cereal, darling, pour the juice into the blender bowl.

Beat until smooth. Spread the mixture into glasses and stir. You can serve! Cherry Smoothie If your diet allows you to include fat-free milk - then try a piece of air based on this product. The taste of milk and oats wonderfully complements the cherry.

Plum in chocolate & # 8211 Homemade chocolate with prunes

Many of you may be wondering how I came up with this recipe, they find out that were the ones who gave me the idea, together with the products they have in their portfolio, more precisely “Evening Chisinau”, which are just some plums wrapped in chocolate and I liked them so much that I said I had to do something similar.
Some would say that these products are far from similar to each other and so it is, those are chocolate pralines wrapped in chocolate, and these that I made are homemade chocolate bars with plums, but for moment, what I like most is the similar taste, and of course I made them to my taste and pleasure.
I liked them so much and it seems that they are quite rare in our country, so I had to reproduce Chisinau de Seară somewhat, in a fairly easy way and within everyone's reach.
Those who have tasted them can say without false modesty that they were very excited, just like me.
Stay tuned for the list of ingredients, but also how to prepare it!

For other special cakes and pies, also recipes explained step by step can be found here in the dessert section or click on the photo.

Or on the Facebook page, click on the photo.

Add the butter and let the butter melt.

We make a hole in the middle of the powdered milk mixed with cocoa. We pour the sugar composition over the powdered milk mixture and with the help of a spatula we homogenize the composition.

Wallpaper a tray with freshness foil with a size of 20/20 cm.

Pour half of the chocolate composition in a tray, put the drained plums well and press them lightly, come with the other half of the composition and level, cover with the fresh foil and leave it until the next day at room temperature.

After the time spent overnight, with the help of a knife with a thin and well-sharpened blade, we cut according to the pleasure of the heart.


I made a mayo for the first time: I first dissolved the yeast in a little warm milk, I mixed it with sugar and a spoonful of flour. I let it grow.
I overturned the mayo in the bowl with the flour, I added the beaten eggs and a little milk incorporating the flour. I also put the lukewarm oil, vanilla paste and kneaded a soft non-sticky dough. If necessary, add more flour. I always put more flour in the bowl so I can knead well without sticking to the edges.
I left it to rise with a towel on it for about 30 minutes, depending on how hot it is in the room.

After it grew nicely, I divided the dough into two parts and kneaded them very little to make them round (on the floured top). I spread each dough in a round shape about 5 mm thick. I cut into triangles and put a teaspoon of jam and a few pieces of apricot (without spreading the jam only where the dough is wider). I rolled and put the croissants in the tray on baking paper. I covered it with a towel and left it to rise for another 10 minutes. I then greased it with egg and milk, sprinkled the seeds and put them in the oven at 180 degrees C until they were nicely browned. They have grown a lot.
I got two trays, about 20 mega fluffy and delicious croissants.

I made a tray with another filling for us parents.

Extremely good! If you have them left, you can heat them in the oven very little, either simply or wrapped in a baking sheet.

Horn jam jams

Horn jam jams from: flour, milk, yeast, eggs, sugar, lemon peel, rum essence, oil, plum jam.


  • 1 kg of flour
  • 1/2 l of milk
  • 1 cube of yeast
  • 7 eggs
  • 300 g sugar
  • peel from 1 lemon
  • 1 ampoule of rum essence
  • 100 ml oil
  • 1 jar of plum jam

Method of preparation:

Sift the flour into a bowl, and in the middle make a hole in which you put the yeast and sugar dissolved in the warm milk. Mix with a little flour and leave to warm for 1/4 hour. Mix the grated lemon peel with 6 beaten eggs and together with the rum essence add them to the mayonnaise from the bowl.

Homogenize and knead the dough with your hands greased with warm oil. Let the dough rise to heat until it doubles in volume. Divide the dough in half, spread 2 sheets with the rolling pin, round in shape and 1 cm thick. Cut the sheet in four, then in six and finally in eight.

Put a tablespoon of jam on each triangle. Roll to the top, place the croissants formed in a tray lined with baking paper and let rise for 1/4 hour.

After they have risen, mix 1 beaten egg well with 2 tablespoons of milk and grease each croissant. Put the tray in the preheated oven until golden brown. They are good both hot and cold.

Plum jam with watermelon & binging recipe

The seasons have shifted & # 8230 It's September and it's still hot as August. You come home in the evening drowsy and tired.

In your left hand you hold a nine-pound watermelon from Aprozaru & # 8217 lui Clopoțel. On the right a bag of plums, also from there. Take a quick shower and eat two large slices of watermelon. Even three, because although it's sweet, it seems to cool you down a bit.

You look at the bag of plums you left by the door. Pfffff & # 8230. Nothing comes in after so much watermelon.

You don't feel like going out on the town, you don't feel like anything complicated. You just feel like binging, that you were left behind last season of game of Thrones. You kept postponing it because you knew you wouldn't be able to stop, but now is the time to see it.

Bingingis a new term. Originally it comes from English binge, which actually means excessive or compulsive consumption of food or drink. It's a form of addiction. In the United States, Binge Eating Disorder is one of the most common nutritional disorders. A disease that manifests itself through episodes of uncontrolled eating food in very large quantities in a short time. That's what the Oxford dictionary tells us. verb to binge it means getting involved in overeating, especially overeating. And as a noun, binging it refers (or referred to the time when the seasons had not changed, you think) to any activity done in excess, in a short period of time.

The term has developed a whole family of words, as Ana Iorga explains: binge-eating, binge-drinking and binge-watching. The latter means watching several episodes of a series in a short time, on DVD or online. That is, when you stay a whole night and watch 4-5 or 6 episodes of your favorite series. The series marathon is a cultural phenomenon that began after 2010. When online media services appeared, which allowed us to watch several episodes, binge-watch became so famous that the Collins Dictionary designated the word of the year 2015. And since then, the Romanian no longer watches series continuously but more recently do what binging. That's what you philosophize, with a melon-filled belly and the thought of Game of Thrones.

You look at the plum bag again and you remember Grandma Maria. How she came, in the autumn, years ago, as a child, to your home, to help the family prepare for the winter. Among other things, he bought a lot of plums and started making jamso that her nephew will have something sweet and healthy when he comes from the slide& # 8221. It was somewhat simpler for the grandmothers of the country: the large cauldron filled with fruit was placed on the wood fire made in the yard, in the shade of an old cherry tree. And the grandmothers would spin the torch in it for hours, but sitting outside in the fresh air. In the city, in the block of flats, the situation was different: the big pot in the house was placed on the biggest stove and in a short time the whole apartment was full of sweet steam smelling of boiled fruit. So Grandma Maria opened the kitchen window and the door to the stairwell to get electricity, to get the steam outlets. And then for half a day Grandma Maria chewed in the fruit pot. From time to time he would enter your room with a torch in his hand to see how you were doing.

And you watch TV, niece & # 8230. I don't know what to choose from this generation of yours, keep an eye on the screen all day& # 8221 she said and then went back to the kitchen to chew on the fruit stew. Until nightfall he chewed there and the jam came out thick and tasty.

With the image of Grandma Maria in mind but also with the thought of the last series from game of Thrones you also get the idea: Gina Bradea had a jam recipe on the blog that requires minimal effort. So you quickly take the two kilos of plums and after rinsing them a little, break each plum in half and remove all the seeds. Plums from Aprozaru & # 8217 lui Clopoțel they're ripe, they break easily in two, so it doesn't take more than five minutes for the whole operation. Then throw all the grapes in the ceramic pot you bought last year from the folk craftsmen's fair. From a large slice of watermelon, then take out the core that you cut into cubes and, after you have escaped, throw it over the plums in the ceramic bowl. The addition of watermelon is Gina Bradea's trick. The watermelon has a lot of water and immediately leaves the juice that helps to cook faster. Without making the jam with sugar, the plums would leave their juice harder, but this way, by adding watermelon, the cooking will be easier. So you put the dish in the oven and then sit in front of the TV, at Game of Thrones. Between two more episodes you go through the kitchen to take a look and you're glad you don't have to spin, like your grandmother did, for hours in the hot fruits. You can safely return to watch a new episode. After about four hours, you fall asleep, so turn off the TV and the oven.

The next morning you contemplate your feat: in the ceramic pot you find the thick plum jam, as your grandmother used to do. It fits in four jars. And because today is a holiday, it's Saint Mary little and the grandmother has aged beautifully but she is no longer so strong, you are thinking of making her happy. So at noon you take two jars and go visit her.

& # 8211 Kiss & # 8217hand, grandma. Happy Birthday ! I brought you plum jam, made by me.

& # 8211 Thank you, niece. Yes & # 8217 you have become diligent before! Did it take you a long time to make it?

& # 8211 It kind of took me, Grandma. I finished it in five episodes & # 8230

It took you a long time to read this article, didn't it? Well, the movie with Gina Bradea's recipe will take you very little: just a minute and a half.

Peach pilaf

Boil the rice in water in a saucepan with a lid. A pinch of salt does not spoil cooking, use it when preparing sweets.
Boiled with a lid, over low heat, three quarters (3/4) of the time mentioned on the package for boiling.

When the time expires and lift the lid, add the liquid from the compote or milk, depending on what you use, the peach slices drained well from the compote, mix and continue to mix until it expires all the time from the package, ie extra quarter of the time 1/4 how much was left, in proportion to the milk in relation to the water in the rice-milk recipe.

Good to know: Round grain rice needs 4 times its amount of liquid when it boils.

You can top it with cinnamon, pepper, bay leaf or garnish with anise.
The recipe for pilaf with peaches is inspired by Asian cuisine, where the garnish dishes, which accompany meat and dishes with sauce, are often prepared with fruit. We have fruit, we know pilaf and we like to make it, we tried it!

Try it and show us the result! We are waiting for your photos and good habits on our Facebook page!

In this recipe I used a few #Good Habits:

& # 8211 A pinch of salt doesn't hurt when cooking, use it when making sweets.
& # 8211 Round grain rice needs 4 times its amount of liquid when you boil it.
& # 8211 Use the liquid from the compote! It is delicious and sweetens dessert dishes without the need for added sugar.
& # 8211 Let the fruit drain 5 minutes before using, on a sieve. Enough time to leave the liquid that would then confuse us in the recipe, not enough time to oxidize.
& # 8211 Share your cooking experience with others!

Fasting croissants with jam and nuts

These fasting croissants with jam and nuts they are wonderful! They don't have the classic donut shape, I admit, but they are so tender and easy to make that you really have to try them. My chubby cornucopias with oil melted like a charm. I ate two hot croissants, gave most of them to our friends, and the next day, at breakfast, they all disappeared.

As a result, we made another tray today, I hope we will enjoy these wonderful ones tomorrow fasting croissants with mineral water. One of the key ingredients for this fasting dough is mineral water. Thanks to her, fasting croissants will be very tender.

For the filling I used plum jam and walnuts, they go wonderfully filled with any other jam, plum jam and shit. I really like shit, but this time I was not lucky to find it in stores here.

My mother's grandmother did these tender fasting croissants with mineral water and filled them with rose shit. They were so tasty! We simply devour them. Mommy made us fasting croissants with borscht, but it seemed like we liked the ones with mineral water even more.


  • 250 g flour
  • 70 g sugar
  • 60 ml oil
  • 60 & # 8211 80 ml mineral water
  • 3 g baking powder
  • 1 vanilla pod (seeds only)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 150 g plum jam
  • 75 g walnut kernels


  • Put in a bowl the oil, cold mineral water, sugar and vanilla bean seeds. If we do not have vanilla pods, we can add 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence. Mix for 2-3 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved. Mix the flour with the baking powder and salt and sift it directly over the liquid mixture. Knead until the dough acquires an elastic consistency.

  • Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  • In the meantime we are preparing filling for fasting croissants. Put the jam in a bowl and add the properly chopped walnut kernels (walnuts should not be chopped too finely). Stir until smooth.

  • Spread the dough in a sheet about 5-6 mm thick, then cut it into strips about 6-7 cm long and 3 cm thick. Put a small teaspoon of filling on one of the ends of the dough strip and then roll.

  • Place the croissants in the oven tray, lined with baking paper (the distance between the croissants should be about 3-4 cm).

  • Bake them in the preheated oven at 180 ° C, for about 15 minutes or until the surface is slightly browned. We take them out of the tray and place them on a grill. After they cooled down a bit, I powdered them with vanilla powdered sugar and tasted them with gusto.

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