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Strawberry jam

Strawberry jam

When I went to the mountains I bought a glass of strawberries from the roadside. Being crushed I couldn't eat them so I made jam! The first jam of my life, but not the last! The funny part was the resulting amount!

  • a glass of strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons sugar

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Put the sugar over the strawberries and leave it in the fridge until the next day. Boil them for about 15 minutes.

It will come out for about 4 sandwiches with butter!

Cheesecake with strawberries and blackberry jam by the glass

250 gr mascarpone, 100 gr cream cheese, 2 tablespoons sour cream from the fridge, 12 filled cocoa biscuits (oreo type), 3 tablespoons sugar, 1 vanilla pod, 1 glass with strawberries, blackberry jam

Difficulty: low | Time: 30 min


The strawberry syrup is prepared from ripe and healthy fruits, freshly picked, washed under running water, with the help of a juicer the fruits are crushed, the strawberry paste that is formed, filtered through a gauze or a thick sieve, the juice of strawberries, red and very fragrant, it is combined with polyfloral honey, the proportion is 0.500 ml of strawberry juice, 1kg of bee honey -, it is well homogenized and left to soak for a week, in a container that close tightly, check from time to time -.

For therapeutic purposes it is administered 3-4 tablespoons of syrup before a meal, for gustatory purposes it is a delicious drink mixed with water or mineral water,

  • tones and remineralizes the body, beneficial for anemic people, very effective for tuberculosis patients,
  • strengthens the immune system, being effective in the body's low immunity,
  • tones the nervous system, reduces blood pressure, fights asthenia and fatigue,
  • regulates liver function, beneficial in hepato-biliary diseases and kidney diseases,
  • helps the endocrine glands to function properly,
  • beneficial in intestinal transit disorders, constipation and diseases associated with it, - due to the laxative effect -,
  • effective in gout, relieves rheumatic pain, due to its diuretic and detoxifying properties,
  • slows down aging, fights skin diseases, - dermatoses, psoriasis, acne -.

Consumption of strawberry syrup is especially beneficial in summer - a glass of syrup diluted with mineral water or water and ice - increases the body's resistance to heat, has a cooling effect, lowers blood pressure, tones the nervous system fighting fatigue and tiredness, disorders that occur in summer during hot weather.

How to prepare the recipe for quince jam?

I immediately boil the sugar water to bind the syrup. The test is done: take a drop of syrup between your fingers and when it stretches like a thread, it's ready. This is called a wire or rope test.

Then I add the fruits, I don't leave the fruits with the sugar until the next day, they leave their syrup. Made this way, my jams have a vivid natural color, they are not brown. & # 128578 And the taste & hellip what else can I tell you? Try it and you will see. & # 128578

How do we prepare quinces for jam?

Different cooking time and other additives. The quinces are cleaned well (they are very wormy, unfortunately) and cut into cubes or put on a grater.

I put them on the big grater (that smart grater from Verner) because I still put them on cakes.

Boil water and sugar, when the syrup is ready (thread test), add the grated quinces and lemon juice and let it boil.

Foam and wipe the edges of the bowl with a wet napkin, stir often, not to stick.

Boiling quince jam

Boiling takes about 15-20 minutes, do not leave more, so as not to caramelize the sugar. Cover the pan with a wet napkin and leave until the next day. The quinces will absorb syrup and will look very nice. Just like at candied fruit recipe .

The next day, add the coarsely chopped walnut kernel with a knife and simmer for 10-15 minutes from the moment it boils.

A white saucer is kept in the freezer and when the jam begins to bind, remove the saucer and try pouring a drop: you can immediately see how much it is bound. When it reaches the desired consistency (so that the syrup does not flow from the saucer, so that a grain remains), the fire is stopped, poured so hot into clean and dry jars, turned upside down, covered with beds and left until the next day. They are wiped, labeled in the pantry with them. & # 128578

Advice from Gina Bradea

Remember: jars and lids should be thoroughly washed and dried, sterilized before: put in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

You can also add vanilla, anise, ginger, cinnamon, coarsely chopped walnuts. & # 128578 All this gives extra flavor.

This year I left the quince jam simple, I kept making walnut jams, and my recommendation is to try the green walnut jam recipe.

GOD, HOW MANY GOODS CAN BE MADE WITH THIS SWEET. I will come back with recipes, I have all the time to cook until summer. & # 128578

I recommend you do some pancakes with quince jam.

The jam recipe was also tried by the readers of the blog Pofta Buna !:

Arovit Berries jam 340g

Whenever you feel like a dessert, consume Arovit berry jam! Colorful and fragrant, the berries are healthy, dietary and very tasty.

Pasteurized berry jam, without preservatives.

Ingredients: Fruits in varying proportions (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, strawberries), sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, pectin gelling agent, citric acid acidifier. It does not contain preservatives.


Recommended storage temperature: 5-25 degrees Celsius. After opening, it will be kept in the refrigerator and will be consumed in a maximum of 30 days.

Consume, preferably, before the date written on the package.

The photos of the products are informative and differences may appear compared to reality. Please always check the information on the product label (including those about allergens) before purchase / consumption. Any differences may appear in the descriptions on the website, for technical reasons or beyond our control, for which Remarkt Magazine cannot be held responsible.

Ingredients Acacia Flower Jam

  • 1.3 kilograms of acacia flowers (I think it's not a big bath if you only collect 1 kilogram or 1 kilogram and a half flowers)
  • 2 kilograms of sugar
  • 3 lemons (yellow peel and juice)
  • 2 liters of water

Acacia flower jam & # 8211 preparing flowers and syrup

1. All & # 8222 harvest & # 8221 of acacia flowers must be detached from the bunch, chosen by leaves and any insects.

2. Wash the flowers in a cold water bath then drain well in a sieve. Discard the first water and repeat the operation.

3. In a large pot, put 2 liters of water together with the sugar and lemon peel strips, only the yellow part. The white part, under the yellow one, has a bitter taste, so it is good to avoid it. Boil the syrup until it binds so that if a spoon is soaked in the syrup, it drips drop by drop through the same place. Remove the lemon peel and add the acacia flowers well drained of water.

4. After the syrup in which the acacia flowers have been added boils again, add the juice of the 3 lemons. Be careful not to add the seeds.

Preparation of acacia flowers jam

5. Boil the jam over medium heat for another 20-30 minutes, until it binds again, so that a drop of the jam syrup, dripped in cold water, forms a small golden pearl, not to dissolve. Finally, the jam should have a deep golden color, with shades of amber.

6. Pour the jam hot into very clean and sterilized jars. Put the lids on and turn them upside down, in a position where they are left for 5 minutes. Cover the jars with a few thick layers of towel and allow to cool slowly.

Acacia flower jam will last a long time in the pantry. It is delicious and with an interesting texture, the flowers being slightly chewed in the creamy syrup. The aroma of jam is very close to bee honey and is as sweet as this, so it is good to consume in small portions.


Place all the cleaned strawberries in a large bowl, with a thicker bottom, suitable for jam, and sprinkle with the juice of 3 lemons, then put all the sugar and the remaining lemon cut into thin slices. Adding lemon slices will give the strawberry jam a special taste.

After leaving the strawberries and lemon juice to penetrate the strawberries for a few minutes, place the pot on the stove over low heat. Soon, the fruit will float in the formed syrup.

When the jam starts to boil, a foam will form on top of it, which must be removed as it accumulates - the impurities contained in the sugar are concentrated in it.

After 45-50 minutes of boiling, remove a little syrup on a plate and check its consistency. If the drops have the appearance of dewdrops and do not spread on the plate, the jam is ready.

Put the hot jam in clean, dry and sterilized jars and close the mouth of the jar immediately. The containers in which it was placed Strawberry jam, turn for 15 minutes with the lid down to create a vacuum, and then turn over in the normal position and cover with kitchen towels to cool for longer.



â— 100 milliliters of brown rum (optional)


Wash the strawberries well and remove the stalks.

Place the strawberries in a deep bowl, over which the sugar is added in successive layers. Then the vessel is placed in the cold for 12-24 hours.

After the time has expired, the fruit separates from the resulting juice. Then finely grate the lemon peel and squeeze the lemon. Both the juice and the peel are added over the juice obtained from the strawberries and boiled over low heat. The fruits are kept aside.

Boil the fruit juice for about 40 minutes on low heat, stirring constantly, until bound. After the time has expired, add the fruits and rum and let it simmer for another 20 minutes.

After the jars have been heated in the oven, pour Strawberry jam in jars. Immediately after the jars have been sealed, they are turned upside down and covered with a blanket to determine the formation of the vacuum.

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