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Sausages in mutton sheep

Sausages in mutton sheep

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The sheep mats are put in water to desalt.

While the mats are in the water, the meat is prepared.

I bought it and chopped it at my butcher.

I put sheep, pork and beef in a bowl.

Add salt, thyme, pepper and a cup, about 250 ml. Bone juice and crushed garlic.

I kneaded well and left for about half an hour to mix the spices.

A thin funnel is mounted on the hull grinder, special for sheep mats.

Fill the mats, wash and let dry for 24 hours.

Then put in bags and store in the freezer.

About naturally raised poultry (organic)

The images in this article as well as the recipe for these delicious poultry sausages were provided to us by our dear friend and collaborator. Laci Tasy (zis Veve) who is also a moderator in the Savori Urbane Group on Facebook. Together with his family, he participated in the preparation of these homemade sausages on a farm in Hungary, a few kilometers from Arad.

Household people with solid, spacious house, provided with attic, cellar, space (pantry) and many other annexes, as are the houses in Transylvania and Banat.

Of course, the farm is located on a generous plot of land and the ducks and geese have a pond or pond in which to splash.

Households in these areas raise many poultry (ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens) and turn them into homemade sausages.

These birds are fed bio with corn and other natural grains, with greens, etc. Do not resort to the premixes that are sold in the bag, do not indulge the birds with forced growth hormones.

These delicious poultry sausages are made from the meat of these poultry. Their composition does not lack the spices of any Transylvanian sausage: garlic, paprika (paprika), salt, pepper and cumin. In addition, Veve added a little enibahar. The mats used are small intestines of sheep & # 8211 of those used in sausages. The method of smoking he chose was hot (at max. 50 C) but you can also use the classic cold smoking or direct freezing of fresh sausages without being smoked. Non-smokers do not have the same flavor & # 8230

From the quantities below it results approx. 18 pairs of poultry sausages, ie 36 threads of 40 cm each (in sheep's milk). If you use pork cheeks (which are thicker) then there will be fewer pairs of sausages (about 8-9 pairs).

  • 3 kg leg and breast of duck, goose, turkey or chicken
  • 1 kg fat with bird skin
  • 150 g of garlic
  • 80 g salt once (as for pickles)
  • 100 g quality paprika (paprika)
  • 25 g freshly ground black pepper (or 40 g if ready to grind in an envelope)
  • 50 g ground cumin
  • 5 g enibahar.pisat
  • 20 m thin natural sheep mats or about 10 m thin pig mats

About the recipe for fresh or smoked homemade sausages

The sausage recipe that my family has been making since at least the generation of my great-grandfather, born at the end of the 19th century, is also very popular with our readers (the recipe here). They are sausages that are prepared in winter and smoked and then kept in space (pantry) until the following summer.

I have prepared an extensive tutorial on the secrets of homemade sausages + useful tips & # 8211 see here.

This time I played a bit with the spices adding to the sausage recipe and some dried thyme as well as some white wine. The result was spectacular, which is why I decided to write the recipe that I documented step by step.

I usually make homemade sausages and sausages in the middle of winter, when the temperatures are negative outside. Not for nothing but all these Transylvanian or Banat goodies must be smoked and then kept in a cool place. However, we happen to crave fresh sausages in the summer, but then I don't smoke them but I immediately freeze them to grill or fry them.

These sausages for frying are much better and healthier than those on the market. They do not make large quantities because they are prepared quickly and can be made at any time.

I made fresh sausages from 2 kg of meat but I give you the recipe for homemade sausages for 1 kg of meat to make it easier for you if you want to multiply it.

Sheep sausages - Recipes

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    Oltenian sausages in mutton

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    Homemade sausages

    Christmas, eco or not, it's not like Christmas without homemade sausages. And after seeing on the net some videos with the horrors that happen in the butchers, I came to the conclusion that this year we make sausages at home, even if there is quite a lot of work on them and it is a rather elaborate operation. In every magazine with recipes for the Winter Holidays I found at least one recipe for homemade sausages, but I wanted to find in my sausages, the taste of childhood, so I took my grandfather's recipe book (God rest him in peace, it's been 7 years since he's been with us).

    The recipe itself is quite simple, but you need a meat grinder and necessarily provided with a special funnel for making sausages.

    Ingredients (I made ½ portion):
    & # 8211 4 kg of meat (3kg of meat + 1kg thicker meat for mincing & # 8211 meat)
    & # 8211 a piece of about 200-300 g of fatty meat for cooking
    & # 8211 pork mate (10m)
    & # 8211 3-4 cloves of garlic
    & # 8211 salt, pepper, paprika, spices for sausages, all to taste

    Chop the 4kg of meat (I do not suggest you buy ready-cut meat, what is in hand is not a lie, so buy your own meat), boil the piece of meat in water with a little salt and let it boil well . Peel and grind all the garlic and add it over the minced meat, along with the spices. Knead the composition for the sausages, adding 3-4 tablespoons of juice from the bones (the one in which the meat was boiled). You will realize that the juice is enough, when the composition sticks and becomes homogeneous, like a paste.

    Grease the sausage funnel with a little fat, wash the mats well in cold water and then keep them in hot water for half an hour. We pull the mats on the funnel attached to the meat grinder and fill the sausages with meat.

    We tie them to the two ends, so as to obtain a kind of horseshoe, we prick them with a toothpick from place to place and we put it to dry for 1-2 days on a wooden relative. From now on, everyone does what they want with their sausages: they can be smoked or eaten raw, we make them semi-smoked and eat them as such in the assorted steak, at the Christmas table.

    Homemade sausage recipes

    From the traditional recipes of homemade sausages, from pork, to the mixed ones, we gathered here the perfect dishes for the festive meals from the next period and not only.

    Homemade pork sausages

    With a rich and very aromatic taste, pork sausages are much easier to make than you imagine.

    • 5-2 kilograms of pork (choose a boneless meat)
    • 400-500 grams of bacon
    • 200 milliliters of red wine (you can also use meat soup or water)
    • 5-6 cloves of garlic
    • 20 grams of sweet paprika
    • 20 grams of hot paprika
    • 1 teaspoon ground thyme
    • spices for minced meat
    • salt and pepper to taste
    • thin mats (pork or sheep).

    Cut the meat and bacon into cubes and mix them with the spices from the list of ingredients. Grind the garlic cloves and add them to the seasoned meat, along with the wine. If you don't have red wine, you can also use a meat soup (in which you boiled a few pieces of meat with vegetables) or, even more simply, a cup of water.

    Mix all the ingredients several times so that the spices penetrate the meat well, then pass this composition through the mincer, after you have previously attached the sausage accessory. Fill the mats one by one, taking care not to put the filling in excess and to put it on the outside. At the end, catch the ends of the sausages in a knot and let them overnight (caught with string by a stick or on a plate) to drain the fat in a cool place. After they have dried (check that their membrane or outer shell is well dried), store them in the freezer if you plan to keep them longer before cooking.

    Pork sausages

    If you've never done it before homemade sausages, then you choose the easy way, in this case I used the mixture of spices for sausages from Kotanyi, which contains coriander, caraway, pepper, juniper, juniper and garlic. A very successful mixture that makes you think of Transylvanian sausages.

    Sausage recipes from Romania. How to make homemade sausages in Transylvania, Moldova, Banat or Bucovina

    Romanian recipes. C & acircrnati homemade are indispensable on the Christmas table. Each region of the country has its own specifics regarding the preparation of homemade pork carcasses. In some areas pork is mixed with mutton or beef, in others it is chopped with a knife, not in a mincer.

    Pork sausages are a preparation specific to the cold season, not absent from the holiday tables. Although the gallantry of the shops is full of different varieties of sausages, for all tastes, most housewives prefer to prepare homemade sausages for Christmas. In households where pigs are slaughtered, these are among the first preparations made immediately after the slaughter of the animals and kept throughout the cold season in the pantry. C & acircrnati recipes differ from area to area. Each region of the country has its own specifics when it comes to home-made items. & Icircn Oltenia and Muntenia, housewives use for extra taste, bone juice. In Banat and Bucovina the best c & acircrnaţi are made from minced meat, not the mincer.

    C & acircrnaţi moldoveneşti

    In Moldova, for the most successful, pork is mixed with meat. To 500 grams of pork add 500 grams of beef, spices, 250 g of bacon, salt, pepper, garlic to taste. Pass the meat through the mincer, add salt, pepper, garlic to taste, coriander and nutmeg. The containers are filled with a piece of paper attached to the end of the shredder. Put the minced meat back in the car and turn the car's handle slightly so as not to break the intestines. & Icircn meat put cold water, so that the filling slides easily. C & acircrnati thus prepared are kept for two days in cold & icircn air currents.

    Thyme, the secret spice of Transylvanian acorns

    Shredded thyme is the secret of the Transylvanian c & acircrnates. A classic recipe for Transylvanian carcasses includes lean meat and fatty meat in a percentage of 80% by 20%. Pork pulp is used for lean meat. 100g crushed garlic, 100g salt, 20g large ground black pepper and 10g chopped thyme are added to the meat. Leave it to dry for two or three days, then smoke it and keep it in a cool place.

    Homemade sausages and sausages

    I had been watching this cream sausage recipe for a long time, today its time has arrived, mobilized by the pope's discussions for children. If I had known how good they are, I would have made them many, many times & # 33
    Girls, you can't even imagine how good they taste & # 33 I didn't put so many spices in them, just smoked paprika, chilli, salt and pepper, I wanted to taste them as clean as possible, but they turned out great. I have no words to describe & # 33 Next time I will put some boiled mice for the texture, although, honestly, they don't need too many improvements.
    these are cruel

    I boiled them at a high temperature and they cracked a bit, it didn't change their taste anyway

    the only regret is that I boiled them all, only two escaped frying, absolutely great & # 33

    Rating 5.0 from 35 reviews

    • Pork sausages-total 2 kg of minced meat
    • -1 kg of pork pulp
    • -1 kg of pork (belly, belly)
    • Pork and beef sausages-total 2 kg minced meat
    • -1 kg of pork pulp
    • -500 g working beef (leg, neck)
    • -500 g pork belly (meat, lap)
    • The spices are the same, the quantities for 2 kg of meat. If you use 1 kg of meat, cut it in half.
    • - 22-30 g of salt (put 22 g first, knead well, then taste)
    • -6 g pepper
    • -3 g hot peppers (optional) or paprika
    • -20 g paprika
    • -30 g of garlic
    • -5 g dried thyme
    • -2 g coriander
    • -2 g ienibahar
    • -400 ml bone broth or cold water

    Video: 100% Lamb Sausages