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Northside Nathan's: Excellent Detroit Style Pizza Hometown Theme Pizzeria

Northside Nathan's: Excellent Detroit Style Pizza Hometown Theme Pizzeria

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Excellent Detroit Style Pizza Hometown Theme Pizzeria

Absolutely the best theme pizzeria I have found so far in the Las Vegas Valley.

Northside Nathans Detroit Style Pizza has a story to tell along with their mouth watering selection of fresh wholesome foods.

Started in the late 1960's in Detroit Michgan, the traditional style of pizza from Detroit is a square deep dish sicilian crust, buttery and crunchy, not doughy!

The Theme is all about Detroit; complete with pictures, memorabilia and ambience reflective of an old hometown Detroit pizzeria.

Fine menu selection as the owners (sons of the original Detroit owners), carry on the tradition of fresh ingredients and well-sized portions.

The wings are outstanding, juicy and tender, excellent breading (not greasy) and perfect for dipping in their house special ranch and garlic, Marvelous Marions Ranch dressing.

Nathans splurges on the toppings for the Pizzas, both the Detroit style and traditional round, as they are plentiful and cover the pizza.

The Cadillac sandwich, is loaded with plenty of meats (Ham. Cappicola, Salami, Pepperoni) and layered with an adequate amount of provolone cheese. Sprinkled with oil and vinegar, and served with lettuce tomato and onion on the side, this sandwich is fantastico!

Northside has two locations in Las Vegas, My favorite is the Northside Nathans on Flamingo mainly because the owner is there every day!

I have enjoyed the palate pleasing selections at Northside Nathans on several occasions and recommend it highly to anyone lookinig for an extraordinary expereince in Pizza.

They deliver within a 4 mile radius and are available for take out or dine in.

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